February 20, 2013

A Feast for the eyes! Spectacular Fashions [book]

Discover the spectacular relationship between Fashion and the body, the unique metamorphosis made possible by the creativity of designers and the splendour of the materials and techniques they use.

Restructured beyond its natural borders, the body becomes a spectacle in its own right; its forms and adornments are a feast to our eyes. Emblematic silhouettes, from the 16th century to present day, illustrate how the fashionable body often took on strange and extraordinary forms. In this sense Fashion is about performance, a phenomenon which is not just restricted to contemporary society but is a central theme of the history of appearances, presented and examined in this exhibition from the Renaissance onwards.

The book is divided into four sections which illustrate the remarkable theatrical connection between body and fashion through the quest for magnificence, the highlighting of the natural silhouette or the construction of a disequilibrium of the body, all reinterpreted by the performing arts and cinema as well as fashion designers.

The book : Shazia Boucher, Anne-Claire-Laronde et Isabelle Paresys (eds), Plein les Yeux  le spectacle de la mode / A Feast for the Eyes: Spectacular Fashions, Milano, Silvana Editoriale SPA, 2012. French & English.